As you may have noticed, there hasn't been much movement on this bug. I
don't want to make any hasty decisions here, since this would be a
noticeable change for users - and if we move in a particular direction,
then I don't want to have to roll back and cause even more disruption.

Some thoughts:

There are essentially two identities that can be associated with a

 * the git committer
 * the git author (also what "gbp dch" and lintian-brush put in

I'm pretty sure that either way, the committer should be the person
running lintian-brush. 

Who or what the "author" of a particular change is less clear to me.
When somebody edits the control file with vim, we obviously don't
ascribe that to vim; if they reformat all files with wrap-and-sort, we
don't set the author to wrap-and-sort. At what point do we cross over? 

lintian-brush is fairly autonomous - it makes changes from start to
end, and I think that's probably what sets it apart from the other
tools I've mentioned. But isn't fully in the drivers' seat - the
committer decides when to run it and with what arguments.

On a different note, what do attributed changes in debian/changelog
mean? Is it purely for credits? Are the names in the changelog people
one can talk to to understand why particular changes were made?

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