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On 04.11.21 22:21, François Mazen wrote:
Hello Bastian,

Please consider relicensing debian/* or at least debian/patches/*

I've relicensed to BSD-3, in order to match upstream license.

Ken Martin, Will Schroeder, Bill Lorensen's copyright is missing.

I guess you are referencing classic VTK's copyright. F3D's copyright is
"Kitware, SAS" according to source code and official website, without
any link to VTK's copyright.

It is fine for them not to include it because these people obviously have the 
say over Kitware.
Still, there are three source files that have their copyright and are BSD 
The license mandates including the copyright in any distribution, which is why Debian mandates it to be in the d/copyright file for the binary package to be compliant.
I have added them to the git.

src/cxxopts.hpp: Expat license is missing.

Added to the copyright file, and I've opened an upstream bug:

That is very kind of you. For the binaries that Kitware provides they are actually in breach of that license (given the file is actually compiled).

Have you checked the files in the data directory? At least data/BoxAnimated0.bin is not a source file and some others might not be. Non-source files (defined as preferred format for modification) have to be excluded. Also, does the files' metadata say anythinng about copyright or license?

Please describe the options in the man page.

Man page updated.

You should prefer using the not-installed file for this use case.

The not-installed file seems to avoid trigger dh_missing error, which
is not what I need here. I haven't figured out how exclude files during
the CMake install target (--exclude has no effect), so I've added an
"rm" command in the rules file. If there is a better way, please

I see you have already found another way...

I suggest to have the package in Salsa's debian namespace so that
can contribute easily. If you agree I can create that and grant you
maintainer rights for it.

Yes! Please create the debian repository and grant me right to maintain

Done. The CI test suite won't run because of the .lfsconfig file which is why I 
have disabled it.

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