Hello Tobias,

Great thanks for your review. I'll try to address all the issues listed,
but several questions by the way below:

>>>>> "Tobias" == Tobias Frost <t...@debian.org> writes:

    Tobias> d/changelog: - An initial upload to Debian only have one
    Tobias> single entry, like "Initial Upload (Closes:
    Tobias> #<your-itp-bug>)" (There are by definition no changes to the
    Tobias> packaging on initial upload.)  - As an consequence, the
    Tobias> debian revision must stay at -1 until sponsored.

Ok, but how can I return to the -1 debian revision now in my upload on
mentors.debian.net? And what should I do further if it will not be the
last iteration?

    Tobias> - A library package needs a development package too.

But this library is not intended for a third-party development. It just
implements core functionality that is common for two different

    Tobias> - the library package must only contain the library, not
    Tobias> configuration files nor manpages. (makes them breaking when
    Tobias> an SONAME bump is required - see above about your Conflicts)

But this configuration is common as well and it is parsed by the library
functions. Can you give me some hint what should I do in this situation?

    Tobias> d/libmultispeech.shlibs - Why do you need this file?

For the version restriction in dependencies.

    Tobias> d/libmultispeech.links - why do you need the link? Is
    Tobias> multispeech to be invoked by the user directly or is it only
    Tobias> to be invoked by emacs? (as the usr/share/emacs seems to
    Tobias> indicate) (Disclaimer: I do not know anything about emacs
    Tobias> extension.)

Generally, it is used just by Emacspeak. This symlink is inherited
historically from the old versions. Now I see no valuable reason for it.

    Tobias> postinst - speech-dispatcher is using a systemd service
    Tobias> file, if you really need to reload its configuration, you
    Tobias> should use service speech-dispatcher reload and not kill it
    Tobias> via kill. (you might overkill)

Actually, it is not mandatory. Speech Dispatcher can as well be
automatically spawned by a client. The kill command in this case just
sends the SIGHUP signal, that does not kill or restart Speech
Dispatcher, but only notifies it about a configuration change. It is
documented behaviour of Speech Dispatcher. And I should notify every
running instance regardless of the way it was launched by.

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