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Hi Ferdinand,

* Ferdinand Rau <> [2024-03-29 08:51]:
  * What led up to the situation?
The plugin Hibiscus, arguably the most important plugin for jameica, was
Version 2.10.15 used to work fine and still does work fine with the jameica
packages in Debian Bookworm and Trixie. Versions 2.10.16 and the current
version 2.10.17 do not work with either Debian package, but do work fine with
the latest version of jameica (2.10.4) downloaded from the upstream source
Plugin-updates/installs were performed using the integrated plugin management
of jameica.

That is expected, software in stable is only supported with other software in stable, i.e. with the Hibiscus plugin in stable.

Staying with hibiscus 2.10.15 is not an option in the long term, because
updates introduce bug fixes and, most importantly, fix access for several
German banks that changed their online access to different servers and
protocols. Without the update to hibiscus 2.10.17, lots of bank accounts are
inaccessible for the users.

This is too unspecific to call for an update in stable. From my understanding all updates are configuration changes that can be done with the stable version as well. Downgrading the bug accordingly.
Note that Debian stable updates have a strict policy noted here:

* Ferdinand Rau <> [2024-03-29 12:41]:
The upstream author suggests that the issue may be related to the "H2 Database 
Engine" (Debian package: jameica-h2database) in a similar, but not identical case 

Upstream H2 is at version 2.2.224, whereas Debian is at 1.4.197-7, which is 
approx. six years old.

An update of jameica-h2database will likely fix this issue?

Sadly no, while upstream H2 is at 2.2.224 and the Debian package (libh2-java) is at 2.2.220, Jameica ships 1.4.199, this is why the jameica-h2database was created in the first first place. I will update it to 1.4.199 together with Jameica in unstable.

Cheers Jochen

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