Hi all,

I'm not an "official" Debian developer yet -- though my PGP key has been
signed now so hopefully this will accelerate the process -- but rather than
wait, I've released WvDial 0.1-1 on my own.

I'll attach the announcement (posted to comp.os.linux.announce) below.  Tell
me if it works for you or if there is anything that should change.  The
intention here is that WvDial 0.1 become a part of hamm as soon as possible.

I have one particular concern:  wvdial replaces the /usr/bin/p{on,off}
scripts that the ppp packages provides using the "alternatives" mechanism. 
However, I'm not sure that I implemented it correctly.  If someone could
look at my postinst/prerm and see if it's decent, I'd really appreciate it.

Thanks!  Have fun,


Introducing WvDial

It's amazing!  It's your wildest dream come true!  Dialup networking
for Linux that doesn't require chat scripts!

Okay, so maybe you're not as excited as I am, but we at Worldvisions
hope this will brighten up your day a little bit, at least.  WvDial is
our attempt to make the previously rather complicated configuration of
Linux dial-up networking as simple as phone number - username -

WvDial is and will remain totally free (under the GNU Library General
Public License, or LGPL), and we hope that all Linux distributions will
try to integrate it with their systems.


WvDial 0.1 can:

    - automatically detect your internal or external modem on any of
        your serial ports, figure out its maximum baud rate, and choose
        a valid initialization string.
    - dial your internet provider and log in automatically, without
        a login script. (This is based on the knowledge that just about
        every modern ISP either starts PPP immediately and uses PAP, or
        has a standard login/password prompt.)
    - support any number of different dialin accounts with one simple
        configuration file.
    - guess at the menu system or command prompt you get from some
        ISP's, and try to respond automatically.  (This feature is
        still rather experimental.)
    - configure and run pppd automatically with PAP without the need to
        change or even understand the pap-secrets file.

And best of all, it's almost completely untested!

Great!  Where can I get it?

The WvDial 0.1 release is available both as source code and as a Debian
package.  You can get either or both from our web page:



WvDial and its supporting libraries were written by Dave Coombs and
Avery Pennarun of Worldvisions Computer Technology, Inc. as part of the
Worldvisions Weaver project.

You can contact us at:
                [EMAIL PROTECTED]

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