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> Osamu Aoki <os...@debian.org>
>    im-config

On Sun, Aug 28, 2016 at 02:59:13PM +0100, Simon McVittie wrote:
> I'm about to do a mass-bug-filing against packages that mention
> dbus-x11 in their dependencies, or dbus-launch in their code, asking
> maintainers to adjust their dependencies to make dbus-x11 optional.

As a person who is involved with keyboard input methods for the
Chinese-Japanese-Korean-(... possibly Indic...) environment, relying on
dbus-x11 hook script to set the input method has been my concern,
considering GUI application on Wayland w/o X11 may be coming soon.

> My goal is that users can install the major desktop tasks in stretch
> (GNOME, KDE, etc.) with either one of dbus-user-session or dbus-x11,
> defaulting to dbus-user-session for new installations.

It sounds interesting and good direction, but this seems to require a
lot of efforts for infrastructure packages.

> A dd-list of packages likely to be affected (based on
> <https://codesearch.debian.net/search?q=dbus-%28x11|launch%29>)
> is attached. Some of these will be false positives that merely
> mention dbus-launch in documentation or example code, like qt4-x11;
> I'll filter those out when I categorise them by type of dbus-launch
> use during bug filing.
> I will be prioritizing key packages for my MBF, then fill in non-key
> packages afterwards.

MBF is fine.  Please lead us with good example codes for typical cases
with wiki.debian.org articles explaining them.

> tl;dr version:
> * Search this mail for "Recommendations" for what you should do if you
>   are a maintainer of one of several categories of package.
> * I think we should default to dbus-user-session for stretch on Linux.
> * dbus-launch (dbus-x11) without dbus-user-session should continue to
>   be supported, but should be a non-default configuration on Linux.

Unless im-config has a way to set up a hook environment variable setting
mechanism for dbus-user-session, all CJKI-keyboard-input methods stop
functioning once dbus-x11 is removed and the following files are


Where is the equivalent location to put equivalent code such as

Wait ... 75dbus_dbus-launch seems to have gone through significant
change ... I see:

 # See <https://bugs.debian.org/cgi-bin/bugreport.cgi?bug=815503>

I have "The hook script for dbus-launch is in 75 which changes $STARTUP
string." in the comment of im-config.  The current dbus-launch in 75
does not touch $STARTUP any more.  This change seems to break how
im-config uses $STARTUP.

Hmmm... I remember adding this dbus-launch comment to ensure passing
environment variables such as
to programs started automatically when the session starts such as Ekiga

So listing im-config in MBF seems to be FALSE POSITIVE if it is only
based on this string in the comment.

But this change may require serious rethinking of im-config for how
these  environment variables should be set for programs such as Ekiga
from im-config.  Do you have idea?  Or I do not need to worry????

Quite frankly, I am a bit lost how to handle situation ...

Your input is most appreciated.


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