Lars Wirzenius schreef op 14-09-2016 12:15:

We do care about our users. However, due to the realities of volunteer
projects, we need users to help us help them. Reporting a bug that
"system freezes" isn't a problem that has an obvious solution: even
assuming that we understand what "system freezes" actually means,
there's not nearly enough informatino to figure out what causes it.

Just hopping in to say that a UI freeze may very well be only a UI freeze, if you can still SSH into the box, you will know it is only your desktop environment (or X) that has frozen.

But sometimes this "freeze" will also render e.g. ctrl-alt-F1 unoperable. So the only way, at that point, to test, is with a network user. If the freeze is actually in the UI, then most likely, the whole system would not have frozen.

Not sure at all if this is relevant.

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