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thanks for all the valuable info.

On 8/16/19 1:23 PM, Jeremy Stanley wrote:
> I know the Zuul community would welcome a
> driver for Gitlab, but that's unlikely to materialize unless people
> who want to use Zuul and Gitlab together write and contribute it.

I did read about at least some intention to add Zull support for Gitlab
from a few month ago, but also didn't see anything coming. It'd be
awesome if it one day materializes.

> I'm simply glad to see
> increasing uptake of automated testing in Debian relying on
> free/libre open source software, but have no interest in viewing
> choice between these solutions as a competition.

What drives me here is adding more freeness in our Gitlab CI stuff,
which is using the non-free GCE. The only solution that I know of that
would be completely free would be Zuul and the way the OpenStack CI runs.

I very much love social aspect were the OpenStack CI runs on donated
compute power. I'd love to see the same model in Debian.

I also completely hate the fact Salsa is becoming more and more coupled
with Google. First with built artifact storage, and now with the CI.


Thomas Goirand (zigo)

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