Hi Osamu,

Thanks for migrating debian-reference to Salsa.

2018-03-10 21:59 GMT+08:00 Osamu Aoki <os...@debian.org>:
> Please note people contributing via weblate needs to talk to whoever
> coordinating to set it up properly with salsa.  I don't have access to
> weblate.

I took a look at git repos and found that all translations after v2.70
are not included in v2.71.

I don't know about how to update repository on Weblate. However, there is
a public read-only(?) git access available:


...and that can be used to merge translations from Weblate and changes
on Salsa repository.

> I see new translations:
>  id -- keep it up.  Looks OK but needs more work.
>  nb -- I see translation needs to be tested before committing.
>        Bad shape. Please read https://salsa.debian.org/debian/debian-reference

I noticed that you disabled PDF generation for Chinese (zh-*). Is there any
problems with Chinese PDF pages? I am willing to help fixing any
remaining issues.

Boyuan Yang

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