[Erik Sundin]
> Hello Petter.
> I was just getting a bit frustrated with where my translation went.
> Thank you for informing me so quickly!

I guessed it might be very surprising and thought it best to let you
know what on earth was going on. :)

> I actually just picked DebianEDU at random to try out the weblate
> concept/interface but if it's not getting in the way of any other
> translation efforts I'd very much like to keep going on weblate, I'm
> not adverse to other methods, but I quite enjoy the simplicity of it.
> Is there anybody else doing sv translations of the documentation or
> other parts of the project that I should be aware of/coordinate with?

There is some work done on the Debian installation questions (ie debconf
questions) by Martin Bagge <brother (at) bsnet.se> and the Swedish
translation team <debian-l10n-swedish (at) lists.debian.org>.  You might
want to coordinate with them.  I do not know how they handle work

I'll talk to the Weblate admin and get Swedish enabled again in Weblate.

> I've been working with technical translations for the past months and
> just realized free software 1)Could use some translations 2) Would be
> a worthwhile way to keep busy. I hope to be able to make useful
> contributions.

Very good.  We have more for you to translate. :)

> Thanks for your time!

And you for yours! :)

CC to the Debian Edu project list, to make everyone aware of the good
news. :)

Happy hacking
Petter Reinholdtsen

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