I'm also looking at this from a cost perspective. A thin client solution
based on Rpi's is rather affordable but may still be on the upper side for
budgets in schools of third world countries. A thin client solution may
eliminate the costs for sd cards and power supplies and maybe there can
even be a way to switch to a Rpi Zero instead.

> [Roman Meier]
>> How good or bad are experiences with Debian Edu running on Raspberry
>> Pis?
>> Is this a viable option?
> I know the RPi 1 was a little short on memory, it could run as a thin
> client and a fairly limited desktop.  512 MiB of RAM is not a lot these
> days.  I would imagine the RPi 3 would work just fine.  I do not believe
> anyone tested this the last few years, but the recipe you found should
> get you started at least.  Perhaps the recipe still work?  It try to
> replicate the installation procedure run from the normal installer, so
> it just might. :)
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> Happy hacking
> Petter Reinholdtsen

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