On Mon, Jan 18, 2010 at 11:18:51AM +0800, Clayton wrote:
> I believe this bug just got more "important". I am the only person
> using this machine, and root and my two other user accounts all normally
> have the same password.
> The way libpam-mount is supposed to be working here, as I understand
> it, is that when I login to my user account it uses my same user
> password to unlock the encrypted home directory.
> I just discovered that logging into root (with the same password)
> *also* unlocks my ordinary user's encrypted home directory. And if I
> change my other ordinary user account password to something different
> (that would not unlock the encrypted home directory) I cannot login to
> that user at all! And continue to get a libc segfault at each rejected
> login!

I start to have serious doubt this bug is actually a libc6 bug rather
than a libpam-mount bug.

Can you please try to remove libpam-mount and see if your system then
works normally? If so, I'll reassign the bug to libpam-mount.

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