On 11/29/18 9:13 PM, Aurelien Jarno wrote:
1. For my program, I was needed to create extra locking about the function
getaddrinfo(), but that resolved the problem only for my calls but for the
external libraries like to MySQL, MariaDB I yet have the crashes and it
cannot be fixed at all.
Can you give more details about the issue, the symptoms, possible crash
backtrace, way to reproduce it. Without this details, there are very few
chances to be able to fix the bug.

Yes, I had there a crash, but it appeared next as a problem into libMariaDB (Bug#915515). Also I had early observed differences into real address passed to getaddrinfo() and taken from the real connection, what I have not observed now. So this item I remove from causes to GLibC problems while.

3. Impossible to connect to any WLan HotSpot (Ad-hoc), for me it is Nokia N9
Without more details, I also fail to see the relation with glibc here.

But I do not known other common libraries or build environments (can be GCC for the kernel build) which can be related to such problems with WLan.

All those issues fine fork on two Debian 8 installations with the libc6
2.19, where one on the same hardware as Debian 9.
Other Debian 9 installation on the stationary PC also does not work for the
second issue.
Initially I heve counted it is kernel problems but I have installed this
same Linux kernel version on Debian 8 and these all work there.
There are thousands of packages in different versions between Debian 8
and Debian 9. You have found it's not related to the kernel, but I fail
to see how that shows it's a libc6 issue. For example when you have
tried the kernel from Debian 9 in Debian 8, have you also tried with the
rtl8192 firmware from Debian 9?
I will compare the firmware, thanks.
Anyway if we want to know that the problem is related with glibc, please
try to install glibc packages (libc*, possibly locales* and nscd if
needed) from Debian 9 onto a working Debian 8 installation and see if
the problem appears.
I going to try that also, thanks.
Without more information, there is no way for us to fix the bug, so
we'll just have to close it.

I understand, thanks.

Regards, Roman

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