Package: libc6-x32,libc6-i386
Version: 2.28-8
Severity: serious
Usertags: piuparts


during a test with piuparts in a --merged-usr environment I noticed that
installing, removing, and installing again a package shipping /lib32,
/libx32 will actually unmerge that directory.
The package will take ownership of the preexisting symlinks
/lib{32,x32} -> /usr/lib{32,x32} that were created by debootstrap,
remove them and create plain /usr/lib{32,x32} directories in the next
(/lib64 should be mostly safe due to /lib64/, but
perhaps on !x86 architectures)

The preinst scripts could check whether the package is being installed
in a --merged-usr environment and create (dangling) symlinks if
/usr/lib{32,x32} is missing. And postrm remove could recreate them if
they went missing.


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