On Aug 17, Aurelien Jarno <aurel...@aurel32.net> wrote:

> > > The preinst scripts could check whether the package is being installed
> > > in a --merged-usr environment and create (dangling) symlinks if
> > > /usr/lib{32,x32} is missing. And postrm remove could recreate them if
> > > they went missing.
Yes: this is how I hoped that this could be implemented, to stop having 
useles e.g. /libx32/ on all amd64 systems which will never see x32 

> As explained it's not a bug of the glibc package, but a design flaw of
> usrmerge. I am therefore reassigning the bug to debootstrap + usrmerge.
Do you have any suggestions about how you would like this to be fixed?


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