On 2019-07-24 12:01, Boyuan Yang wrote:
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> Hi Aurelien and other Debian glibc maintainers,
> With Debian Buster released, I think now we are absolutely safe to have
> package multiach-support removed from Sid (and thus Testing). There's no other

Agreed, that will be done in one of the next uploads of the glibc

> package in Sid (and Testing) currently depends on it. I can help submit a

That is true for testing.

For sid there is still:
- hidrd on armel, armhf, ppc64el and s390x
- librevisa on s390x

For experimental there is still:
- poti on armel, armhf ans 390x

> removal request to FTP Masters if you find it okay.

There is no need to submit a removal request for that. What is needed is
to upload a new version of the glibc package without multiarch-support.
Then it will be removed once no other packages depends on it in the
archive. OTOH you can help to get the above packages removed by filling
a removal request to FTP masters.


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