On 2019-10-06 17:55, Marco d'Itri wrote:
> Package: glibc
> Version: 2.29-2
> Severity: normal
> The libc implementation of crypt(3) has been deprecated since 2.28.
> libxcrypt is needed to support modern hashing algorithms.
> How do you want to coordinate switching to libxcrypt?
> The libxcrypt implementation is source and binary backward compatible, 
> so no transitions are needed. I think that we only need to coordinate 
> Replaces/Depends.

The libxcrypt implementation is indeed source backward compatible,
however doesn't seem binary backward compatible. libc6 provides
libcrypt.so.1 while libxcrypt provides libcrypt.so.2.

It is therefore not possible to build glibc with --disable-crypt. I
guess what we can do is to remove crypt.h, libcrypt.a and libcrypt.so
from libc6-dev and add a depends on libcrypt2-dev to libc6-dev. On its
side, libcrypt2-dev should break and replace libc6-dev with the right

There should be no need to add a depends from libc6 to libcrypt2 as the
two libraries have a different soname and thus are co-installable.

If that sounds ok, I guess we can do that in the next glibc upload.


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