Source: glibc
Version: 2.29-5
Severity: normal
Usertags: powerpc ppc64


The glibc 2.30 package in experimental has some failures on powerpc/ppc64
that are unexpected [1, 2]:

FAIL: nptl/tst-cond11
FAIL: nptl/tst-cond11-static
FAIL: nptl/tst-cond27
FAIL: nptl/tst-mutexpi5
FAIL: nptl/tst-mutexpi5a
FAIL: nptl/tst-rwlock6
FAIL: nptl/tst-rwlock7
FAIL: nptl/tst-sem5

On openSUSE, these tests pass on both powerpc and ppc64 [3, 4], so there must
be an issue either in Debian's glibc package or on the buildd in question.

I'll do a give-back in any case and see if the issue persists.


> [1] 
> [2] 
> [3] 
> [4] 

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