Hi there,

recently I have upgraded my glibc from (Debian GLIBC 2.24-11+deb9u3) to
(Debian GLIBC 2.28-10).
I also recompiled my program using the new glibc. and deploy it to another
machine (with both my program and needed libraries, such as new version

But in this old linux machine (amd64 arch) with kernel 2.6.36, the program
refused to start with error message
 FATAL: kernel too old  .

But from the release notes of glibc  2.24~2.28, I could not find anything
say the support for kernel  2.6.36 for amd64 is dropped.

So I am wondering whether the debian package dropped the support? or just
compile it using an incorrect value for --enable-kernel flag, or a bug in
glibc package itself.


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