Samuel Thibault <> writes:

> It is really non-technical work, a matter of using the check-copyright
> script to check that the various licences are referenced in
> debian/copyright (there is no hard need to reference files exactly,
> the only minimal need is knowing which licences end up in the gnumach
> binary).

What check-copyright script do you mean?
shows only these:

* /usr/share/gnulib/check-copyright in gnulib 20140202+stable-2.
  It only checks the licenses of gnulib modules, which gnumach
  does not use.  The latest version is online at
  and has no functional differences.

* /usr/share/gocode/src/
  in golang-github-syncthing-syncthing-dev 0.14.4+dfsg1-1.
  It ignores licenses and only checks for missing copyright notices.

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