It is with huge pleasure that the Debian GNU/Hurd team announces the
release of Debian GNU/Hurd 2019.  This is a snapshot of Debian "sid" at
the time of the stable Debian "stretch" release (July 2019), so it is
mostly based on the same sources.  It is not an official Debian release,
but it is an official Debian GNU/Hurd port release.

The installation ISO images can be downloaded from cdimage
in the usual three Debian flavors: NETINST, CD, or DVD. Besides the
friendly Debian installer, a pre-installed disk image is also available,
making it even easier to try Debian GNU/Hurd. The easiest way to run it
is inside a VM such as qemu

Debian GNU/Hurd is currently available for the i386 architecture with
about 80% of the Debian archive, and more to come!

* An ACPI translator is available, it is currently only used to shut
down the system.

* The LwIP TCP/IP stack is now available as an option.

* A PCI arbiter has been introduced, and will be useful to properly
manage PCI access, as well as provide fine-grain hardware access.

* Support for LLVM was introduced.

* The LwIP TCP/IP stack is now available as an option.

* New optimisations include protected payloads, better paging management and
message dispatch, and gsync synchronization.

Please make sure to read the configuration information
the FAQ ( (or its latest
version (), and the translator
to get a grasp of the great features of GNU/Hurd.

We would like to thank all the people who have worked on GNU/Hurd
( in the past.
There were not many people at any given time (and still not many people
today, please join
(!), but in the end a
lot of people have contributed one way or the other. Thanks everybody!

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