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Here are my rough notes from today's BOF.. Please followup with

Thanks Tom for taking all these notes yesterday.

5. javadoc
    - Our packages that are standards 4.0.1 compliant should support
    - Some users appreciate offline access to docs

I filed [1] a few minutes ago to keep track of a javadoc related issue in maven-debian-helper which I briefly mentioned. We also discussed to drop -doc packages completely because we assume a lot of Java developers will use the ones from Maven Central or other online resources. However I think a great benefit of Debian doc packages is that they are integrated in some cases with applications like Netbeans or Robocode and they "just work". Offline access to documentation might also be a valid use case. At the moment I add -doc only packages only to, in my opinion, important packages, and not for simple packages. Not sure if we should adjust the Java Policy in this regard.

6. Autopkgtest
    - We should use this more
    - Can include built-in tests
    - We can (or autopkgtest already does) use 'ratt' to test reverse deps

ratt is independent from autopkgtest but one way to rebuild reverse-dependencies. I agree with point 1. We should use it more, at least for important packages. Perhaps we should find out what packages would benefit from autopkgtest the most and then add this to our todo list of things which would be nice to achieve.

7. We discussed keithp's uberjar idea
    - We *could* work like the rest of the world and ship uberjars (and
      make source packages that include all source for transitive deps)
    - We suspect ftp-masters may not be happy about this
    - Go ahead plan is to think of even more automation to do what
      we already do now.

The issue with uberjars is that we still need to make sure they can be built from source and as long as this source is not in Debian ftp-masters will just reject such packages. I believe the general idea was to explore new ideas of packaging Java applications in general. Maybe flatpack or other packaging formats may be a way for us to provide some Java apps at all. That might be not perfect but better than nothing.

Currently on my todo list for Buster:

1. Improving the documentation about Java packaging. I already wrote one article, more will hopefully follow soon and at some point I move them to the Debian Wiki, so that everyone can modify and improve them. The whole Java wiki stuff needs a major update I guess.

2. Getting the Maven build system fixed which affects our work flow in general

3. OpenJDK 9: Getting Java 9 into Buster. We should just start filing bug reports with severity: normal now and raise the severity accordingly in the future. I wonder whether Chris West would be interested in this task because he has already done some amazing work in analyzing the key issues for this transition?

4. Fixing bugs as they appear and updating packages as usual. I guess I take a look at Eclipse again in the near future.


[1] https://bugs.debian.org/cgi-bin/bugreport.cgi?bug=871669

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