On 11.08.2017 20:49, Carnë Draug wrote:
> On 11 August 2017 at 23:06, Emmanuel Bourg <ebo...@apache.org> wrote:
>> [...]
>> On 08/09/2017 02:50 AM, Tom Marble wrote:
>>> [...]
>>> 6. Autopkgtest
>>>    - We should use this more
>>>    - Can include built-in tests
>>>    - We can (or autopkgtest already does) use 'ratt' to test reverse deps
>> My understanding of autopkgtest was that it wasn't meant to execute the
>> test suite already run at build time (i.e. mvn test). Maybe it could be
>> used to run the Maven integration tests instead?
> The perl team default autopkgtest reruns the test suite with the
> installed package.  The only difference is that it removes all the
> non-test units from the build tree to ensure that it uses the
> installed library.

it very much depends on the quality of the testsuite.  I'm trying to run the
testsuite for the pythonx.y packages with the installed package, however this is
some kind of fight with updating the testsuite itself to be run not in the build

> This could pick up packaging mistakes, but also picks up regressions
> caused by dependencies since the tests would be rerun when anything in
> the dependency chain is updated.

fyi, Ubuntu is doing that for migrations from the proposed to the release pocket
(Debian: unstable -> testing).  However it can be a pain ...


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