I am packaging a java library and ImageJ plugin that uses maven.  It
is dependent on ij.jar from net.imagej.  In Debian, ij.jar is provided
by the imagej package [1] but there is no pom.xml there even though
there is one on maven central.

What happens is that imagej1 [2] makes use of ant and not maven.  Its
development scheme is a bit unorthodox in that commits are done daily
and may not match any actual release.  So the developers of imagej2
have a kind of fork of it.  They get the actual releases, restructure
it for maven, have commits for each release, and push this new release
to maven central [3].  They call it ImageJA.

So how to address this?  I guess that I should add such pom.xml file
to the existing imagej package.  I could do that with the debian-med
team but could someone give me any pointers?  Or should something else
be done instead?  There is a bunch of ImageJ plugins that use maven
and so would also be dependent on that pom file.

Thank you

[1] https://packages.debian.org/source/sid/imagej
[2] https://github.com/imagej/imagej1/
[3] http://imagej.net/ImageJA

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