On 08/10/2017 08:52 PM, Carnë Draug wrote:

> So how to address this?  I guess that I should add such pom.xml file
> to the existing imagej package.  I could do that with the debian-med
> team but could someone give me any pointers?  Or should something else
> be done instead?  There is a bunch of ImageJ plugins that use maven
> and so would also be dependent on that pom file.

Hi Carnë,

As I understand the pom.xml file isn't in the upstream tarball right? In
this case:
1. download the pom.xml file from Maven Central and put it in the
debian/ directory
2. add maven-repo-helper to the build dependencies
3. in debian/rules, add "--with maven-repo-helper" behind "dh $@"
4. create the debian/libyourlibrary-java.poms files containing a single
line with: debian/pom.xml --java-lib --artifact=path/to/the/jar/built
5. remove the install rule that placed the jar in /usr/share/java

This will install the jar produced by the Ant build into /usr/share/java
and install the Maven artifacts under /usr/share/maven-repo

Emmanuel Bourg

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