hello Debian-java,

as a last resort, I would like to provide up-to-date freeplane .debs for
LTS Debian/Ubuntu systems which use the maven artifacts [1].

The easiest way to do this [2] is to build the package without patches
and without gradle --offline. Could we consider adding such an option to

I know it's non-free, but the alternative is that users install the
freeplane binary package, which is essentially the same thing, but
without mime mappings, a bit harder to install etc.
Of course the package will only be provided by upstream.

[1] In almost each release, there are file format changes, so for some
users, it is necessary to have the latest release installed
in order to be able to exchange data with other users.

[2] I tried snap/snapcraft, but this requires the JRE to be included in
the package which creates a ~100Mb package.

Cheers and Best Regards,
Felix Natter

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