2017-08-12 10:57 GMT+02:00 Emmanuel Bourg <ebo...@apache.org>:

> I think it would be easier to simply run gradle directly and build the
> .deb with jdeb.

Thank you for the pointer. jdeb cannot do gradle (see
https://github.com/tcurdt/jdeb/issues/132). But there is
gradle-ospackage-plugin from Netflix:
https://github.com/nebula-plugins/gradle-ospackage-plugin. Felix,
maybe this could worth a try?

In the context of JabRef, we also tried snap. It was a very hard
journey with many hours spent
(https://github.com/JabRef/jabref/pull/2345). Finally, we hit the
borders of build.snapcraft.io that it does not allow to use the gradle
wrapper, because it forbids downloading it. See

So, we surely will also try the gradle-ospackage-plugin in parallel to
work on a full Debian package (see



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