I wrote 2 Debhelper plugins for easing maintenance of packages with Maven 
artifacts. They are in a new package called "maven-repo-helper-extras" [1].

"mh_shlibdeps" works just like "dh_shlibdeps". It examines the Maven artifacts 
installed by a package and generate "${maven:Depends}" in a 
"<package>.substvars" file.

"mh_genlaunchers" generates a Java program launcher script based on a 
"<package>.maven-launchers" file. It has a syntax like:

    usr/bin/mh_shlibdeps    org.debian.maven.Shlibdeps   

This file specifies the launcher location, main class name and the Maven 
artifact providing said main class.

The reason why I invented a new project instead of adding them to 
"maven-repo-helper" is that I wanted to implement it using upstream code (e.g. 
maven-resolver [2]) and in pure Java (without shell script like "javahelper").

[1]: https://salsa.debian.org/seamlik-guest/maven-repo-helper-extras
[2]: https://maven.apache.org/resolver

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