Le mercredi 4 avril 2018, 17:59:21 CEST MERLIN Philippe a écrit :
> Le samedi 31 mars 2018, 23:11:04 CEST Sandro Knauß a écrit :
> > Hey,
> Thank you for the greet work you do.
> Since this update i have a problem with Kmail or akonadi, when i write a
> message i obtain an orange warning in French "Dossier des messages envoyés
> non défini. Veuillez le vérifier avant d'envoyer le message " I translate
> like this " File of the sent messages not defined. Please verify him before
> sending the message"  or an File "Sent-mail " exist and contains all my
> send messages , I don't know how configure this file?
> May you help me.
> Another problem not new wiith this update.
> Kontact crash at session end and also at the start of the session.
> Thank you.
> Philippe Merlin


Since 2-3 days, kmail in unstable is much less "unstable". Before it was 
crashing very often, now it crashes no more. I appreciate a lot.

But when I delete messages, they still appear in the list, and when I delete 
them twice, they become grey in the liste.

To make them disappear, I have to click on another folder and then return to 
the incoming folder.



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