> Since 2-3 days, kmail in unstable is much less "unstable". Before it was
> crashing very often, now it crashes no more. I appreciate a lot.

what exactly was crashing?

> But when I delete messages, they still appear in the list, and when I delete
> them twice, they become grey in the liste.
> To make them disappear, I have to click on another folder and then return to
> the incoming folder.

do you use imap or pop? It sounds like the akonadi resource can't handle the 
requests within time...

For all if you face issues with KDE Pim, the first thing you should consider 
is to enable debug logging, so we have a better overview what is going on. To 
get debug logging you need to create/modify the file 
~/.config/QtProject/qtlogging.ini with following content:




and than restart akonadi (akonadictl restart) and you see the debug log in the 

Keep in mind to remove the file again / or change *=true to *=false 
afterwards, otherwise your .xsession-errors will fill up with all the output.


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