From "Qt 5.10.1 transition just started" thread:
> > I just upgraded too and rebooted. Most things seem to work, but trying to
> > change a (mail) folder in KMail now doesn't do anything like it's not
> > registering the click on a folder at all. The 'Jump to Folder' (shortcut
> > 'J') does work and allowed me to see the message from this ML.
> Turns out to be a false alarm.
> I quit KMail (Kontact really) and started it up again and then I saw 4
> columns instead of just 1 I was used to and only saw when I had the above
> described issue. Widening that pane so all columns were visible made me
> able to click it. And later on after hiding the extra columns, things were
> back to what I was used to and working 

Maybe it was there yesterday too, but I just noticed a horizontal scroll bar 
while there is no need for that. Looking more closely I see that there is 
another column, next to the Name column, which does not have a header and the 
area is completely empty. It doesn't look like there is a way to remove it, 
like I could with the Unread/Total/Size columns. Trying to manuallly resize 
the Name column doesn't work as it looks like it detects its the only column 
and so resizes itself back to the old state.

As usual, a picture is worth a 1000 words. See attachment.

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