Since some days, I noticed that "resync" of md device triggers at boot time.
Sometimes, it triggers at every boot.
It slows down the computer and the disks access for 90minutes.
I didn't notice this kind of behavior at the beginning.

Lately I didn't change anything except changing a component (PCI sound
card) and keeping the OS up to date by installing the last updates.

So I checked the health of the disks (with smartctl) and manually triggered
a check of the array (with /usr/share/mdadm/checkarray).
But everything looks good.

In the log (first post) there are messages about the bitmap of the array
and that is not clean forcing a reconstruction of the array.
I don't think it's normal.

Le dim. 21 juin 2020 à 22:53, Ben Hutchings <> a écrit :

> Control: tag -1 moreinfo
> You need to explain what the bug is.  The subject says that a RAID
> array was resynced at boot, but that's supposed to happen in some
> circumstances.
> * Why did you not expect it?
> * Did you notice anything happen before, or did you make any change,
>   that might have triggered this behaviour?
> * Does this happen repeatedly?
>   * If so, haved you tried anything to work around this, and did it
>     work?
> Ben.
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