Hi Samuel,

On Fri, Dec 29, 2023 at 03:52:58PM +0100, Samuel Wolf wrote:
> Hi Salvatore,
> > And can you confirm that the patch revert fixes your issue?
> unfortunately not, we downgraded to Debian 11 to get the server
> working again and
> I have not enough knowledge to build and test such an kernel.

if you are allowed to deploy unofficial builds: Would you be willing
to test that the packages in
https://people.debian.org/~carnil/tmp/linux/1059624/ fix the problem?
They contain that specific revert on top. I have signed the sha256sum
file with my key found in the Debian keyring.

> > The revert landed in mainline, but has not been queued for the stable 
> > series yet.
> I guess it's better to wait for the stable series revert (from the
> Debian standpoint) and backport it than into Debian 12?

It's marked for stable and people on the bug did confirm it fix the
issue, I'm pretty confident that it will be picked up as well for the
stable queues, and quess the whole was delayed.

I cannot really determine right now how many people are affected.
There will be quite soon a new bookworm upload, the next one following
will be likely in february for the point release.

So in case you manage to test the above packages quite soon there is a
chance we can have it in the next upload. Otherwise in the next after.


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