Le 6 août 2017 12:13:00 GMT+02:00, Niels Thykier <ni...@thykier.net> a écrit :
>I have gone through the member list on and removed members that were
>inactive according to Debian's MIA database.
>Kindly review and act on the following:
>* If you consider yourself retired from lintian, please let me know and
>   I will clean up your access.
> * If you have admin access or lintian-gid, please assert you are still
>   around and know how to use it if needed be.
>    => If you have "admin" or "lintian-gid" and I do not hear from you
>    => before 2017-09-01, I will assume you are not around to use it.
>Re: admin/lintian-gid: I am interested in having redundancy here so we
>are at least a few members that can do the tasks related to these
>  However, this only works if the people with said access are 1) still
>around to use it and 2) still knows how/when to use it.  Accordingly,
>this mail doubles as a check to see if we have a hidden bus-factor of 1
>on these things.
>Audit results so far
>These are the results for checking all the members in alioth against
>MIA database.
>The following were listed as retired or MIA and is therefore removed:
> * jeroen (lintian-gid)
> * he (lintian-gid)
> * edward
> * jorda-guest
>This leaves the following (presumed) active members for now:
> * joy (lintian-gid)
> * djpig (lintian-gid)
> * broucaries-guest

ro...@debian.org now
> * abe
> * sylvestre
> * jwilk
> * pabs
> * lamby
> * cjwatson (admin, lintian-gid)
> * rra (admin, lintian-gid)
> * adsb (admin, lintian-gid)
> * geissert (admin)
> * nthykier (admin, lintian-gid)
> * "admin" has administrator access to the lintian project in alioth
>* "lintian-gid" has the lintian group on lindsay.d.o, which gives write
>   access/admin over the archive-wide reporting.
>From here
>As we have retired members with lintian-gid, I will send a request to
>DSA to remove the gid from these members.  Once people has had time to
>respond to this and we have evaluated if the bus factor is adequate, I
>will open an RT ticket to get the lintian-gid updated.

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