El 22/09/16 a las 18:45, Machu Chukov escribió:
As far as I can see from the practical results of my builds, the
modifications of the packages are different:

The live-build package i've built from
anonscm.debian.org/git/debian-live/live-build.git/ produces
uefi-bootable hybrid-isos only when

--bootloader grub-efi

It should produce a UEFI bootable disk if you use:

* --bootloader grub-efi (What you tried)

It should produce a BIOS + UEFI bootable disk if you either use:

* --bootloader syslinux,grub-efi
* --bootloader is not set


is set. But I don't want to use grub.

--bootloader syslinux

will produce a iso-hybrid image without UEFI-Suport, that is only
bootable in legacy/CSM mode.

In contrast, the Live-build- Package from Kali
produces UEFI-bootable iso-hybrid Images with syslinux.

Is that correct, or have I overlooked something?

My build system is jessie, the target live-system too.

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