On Sat, 23 Dec 2017, adrian15 wrote:
> 3) So I dropped that implementation of the patch and searched for
> something more elegant. A patch that modified the least possible lines
> of the live-build code and I finally found out how... with this new
> package based variable that would only have to be used in one specific
> place.
> And that's the patch I submitted here in the first place.

Ok, fine. But we should use more explicit variable names.

Please modify scripts/build/config to store the value of
--linux-flavours in LB_LINUX_FLAVOURS_WITH_ARCH and then
define LB_LINUX_FLAVOURS in functions/defaults.sh
based on LB_LINUX_FLAVOURS_WITH_ARCH (as you did but with different
variable names).

Also update the lb-config manual page to explain that you
can use architecture qualifier. And you should submit an update
to live-manual too (see section 8.2.9 Kernel flavour and version).

Please submit both patches as merge requests:

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