Hi folks,

while there are some monthes left until freeze for next Debian stable
time is running fast and we should make sure that all our packages are
in a good shape.  Fortunately we have not that much RC bugs left - most
of them will be dealt with by package removals (ROM bugs are just

However, several of our packages are hanging in unstable without a
migration to testing since some Dependencies have RC bugs.  The best way
to spot this is by checking the Debian Maintainer Dashboard[1].  This
shows packages where dependencies are broken.  To give an example I
stumbled about anfo which did not migrated to testing due to problems in
the package elk[2].  So I just checked the BTS for bugs in elk did

    apt-get source elk

fixed two easy to fix RC bugs which the maintainer did not cared about
NMUed and I'm now hoping that anfo will migrate to testing and thus will
be part of the next stable release.  We need to do this kind of things
in the next monthes to make sure our work in Debian Med will finally
make it into the release.

What else can we do:

  * Make sure we have the latest and greatest upstream release packaged
    to be as up to date as possible when stable will be released
  * Fix more bugs
  * If we want to get new packages in its time to do it *now*

You can do all this mostly "undisturbed" from my personal intervention
since I'll go offline for the next 2.5 weeks from next Sunday on.  So
have a lot of fun, fix bugs and let me realise that all problems are
solved once I'm back from vacation. ;-)

Kind regards


[2] https://qa.debian.org/excuses.php?package=anfo


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