Gianfranco Costamagna <> writes:

> the library has been renamed and conflicting with the non-v5 version, because
> of the libstdc++ transition.
> backporting to jessie and wheezy (where the transition didn't happen), means
> you have to revert that change, because otherwise the package will be 
> uninstallable
> with all of the reverse dependencies, because of:
> Package: libxml-security-c17v5
> Conflicts:
>  libxml-security-c17,
> Replaces:
>  libxml-security-c17,
> in this case, oldstable has the library with a different soname (c16),
> so I'm not sure if the rename is worth the effort or not, please ask
> on -mentors, -devel or wherever you find more appropriate.

It'd probably make sense to start with a jessie backport, where this
change is necessary, then branch off the wheezy backport from that, and
do the PKG_INSTALLDIR change only.

> also, can the new patch be added to the package in unstable too?
> -  * [aba87f7] New patch 
> Remove-PKG_INSTALLDIR-to-build-with-older-pkg-config.patch

In principle it could, but it was added in the latest revision with the
very purpose of getting it tested before upstreaming.

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