Hello Sean,

2016-10-12 21:49 GMT+08:00 Sean Whitton <spwhit...@spwhitton.name>:
> I suggest:
> 1) override the jquery warning, with a comment pointing to README.jquery
> (there is a special format for lintian override comments)

I am not quite sure about what the special format for lintian override comment
is. I only found that comments in different place would have different effect
of showing / not showing in the verbose log. Could you please check the
grammar of my newly added `debian/qevercloud-doc.lintian-overrides' file?
At least lintian is accepting it.

> 2) ensure that dh_doxygen is run after you build the documentation.  It
> does various things like symlink template files.

Added. Looks like things are going well in build log.

The refreshed package has been uploaded to debomatic-amd64 / GitHub /

Boyuan Yang

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