The test passes for me using

  XEmacs 21.4 (patch 22) "Instant Classic" [Lucid] (x86_64-linux-gnu, Mule) of 
Sun Dec 27 2015 on lgw01-11

Note my patch level is lower than yours.

Immediately above the error is this:

   Ignoring `eval:' in file's local variables

But 0test.el has this:

  (setq enable-local-eval t)

Can you please debug why that setting is being ignored and the "Ignoring" 
warning happens?


Kiwamu Okabe <> writes:

>Hi Michael and Wilson,
>Now, I'm trying to make Debian package of your verilog-mode. However,
>your verilog-mode testing occurs error on my Debian git repo, which
>has same code as your one. The error log is found at following:
>Of course, your verilog-mode testing passes under your plain git repo:
>  $ git clone
>  $ cd verilog-mode
>  $ mkdir tmp
>  $ make -j1 install DESTDIR=./tmp AM_UPDATE_INFO_DIR=no
>My Debian git repo is following:
>And my xemacs version on the Debian is following:
>  $ xemacs --version
>  XEmacs 21.4 (patch 24) "Standard C" [Lucid] (x86_64-linux-gnu, Mule)
>of Fri Sep 16 2016 on debutante

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