On Sunday 11 March 2018 00:18:32 CET Gard Spreemann wrote:
> On Wednesday 7 March 2018 19:32:48 CET Tobias Frost wrote:
> > Please review d/copyright. I found at least one undocumented file which
> > is licensed Apache 2.0 and another one under LGPL3+. Neither are in 
> > d/copyright.
> I'm looking into this, and will get back to you.

I've updated the copyright information for the Apache 2.0-licensed
file, as well as another MIT-licensed file with missing coverage.

It turns out that the swaths of LGPL3+-licensed files were CGAL
patches carried by upstream to support CGAL << 4.11. Since CGAL 4.11.1
is in buster, and there's already a lot of DFSG modifications to the
upstream source in my package, I simply added deletion of these
patches in the DFSG modifications and bumped the CGAL version
requirements accordingly. I verified that the patches are only used
when CGAL << 4.11 is detected. Is this satisfactory?

A new version has been uploaded to mentors:


Thanks again!

 -- Gard

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