On Wed, Jan 09, 2019 at 09:42:43PM +0100, Andreas Tille wrote:
> to find the exact code line[2] where the SIGSEGV is thrown.  It turns out
> that the elements of a structure are not accessible:
>    (gdb) print entry->offset
>    Cannot access memory at address 0x7
It's because entry is 0x7.

> In fact I tried in some more detailed debugging that any attempt to
> access one of the structure elements even for instance only injecting
> something like 
>    if ( !entry->offset ) {
Of course this won't work, entry is 0x7.

> The values of the structure are set in line 350[3] and are OK there.
The problem is not about the structure fields but about the structure
pointer itself though.

> The funktion that contains the failing line is action() [4] and called
> via a pointer to this function in line 563[5] (I admit I have no real
> idea why this pointer to a function should be needed.  Its the only
> function that is used in this place and IMHO only adds an extra layer of
> complexity.)
No? line 563 calls twalkmisc() which walks the tree and calls action() for
each node. 

You need to find out why one of the tree nodes has an invalid address.


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