On Tue, Jan 14, 2020 at 12:14:50PM +0100, Leopold Palomo-Avellaneda wrote:
> > Sorry, are you saying you think it's fine for a package build process to
> > modify the build host system?
> just to install some files and yes, I understand that it shouldn't.
"just to install some files to /usr" is a serious modification.

> >> But, it's difficult to me understand why I should make a complicate process
> >> decoupling a package, patched and so on if just with one make install 
> >> should be
> >> enough.
> > Because the package build process must not modify the build host system.
> yes, I agree.
Then I don't know why do you still insist on doing just that.

> but, in  rootless-builds.txt specify that:
>  When "Rules-Requires-Root" is set to <implementations-keywords>, the
> builder (i.e. whatever is executing debian/rules) will expose an interface 
> that
> is used to run a command under (fake)root via the "Gain Root API".
> and in the section "Implementation provided keywords"
> debhelper/upstream-make-install: The dh_auto_install command will run the
> "install" target from the upstream's Makefile under (fake)root (for the
> "makefile" build system or one derived from it).
This is correct.
This in no way implies installing to /usr though.

> that's what I want: run dh_auto_install target from the upstream's Makefile
> under root.
You can do this as long as you are still installing into debian/tmp and
not to /usr.

> and in "Common cases"
> Upstream installation insists on "sudo make install"-like behaviour.    => Use
> dpkg/target-subcommand or debhelper/upstream-make-install.
This is about chmod, chown etc. It still implies installing into

> I'm working on a pbuilder, so I create it, build a package an destroy it, no
> problem if the env is modified. 
I assumed you are creating a package for Debian, not for local use.
Packages for Debian must follow the guidelines, whether they are built
inside a disposable chroot or not. If you are making a package for local
use please always mention that on deban-mentors resources.


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