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> Has there been any previous discussion of completing steps in the NM
> process at real-world events?

I disagree with your description of the P&P part of the NM process, to
the point of finding it offensive. Please do not describe it worse than
it has been for ages, you make a great disservice to everyone involved.

A license workshop would not be significant for the NM process, where we
assume a person, already at the point of applying, is ready to have an
account and use it responsibly.

I consider a multi-choice exam a terrible idea, since interacting with
an Application Manager is more about actually having a conversation,
rather than proving one's knowledge.

An exam at an event would actually be harder than answering an email at
home, since at home one would be able to relax, take time, sip one's
favourite beverage and search on the internet.

Finally, I noticed a tendency at real-world events to advocate people
just because one finds them pleasant to talk to. I would rather limit
this kind of bias rather than encourage it.


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