Hello debian-outreach,

congrats to being accepted as a mentor organisation at this years Summer
of Code, after last years stretch-release related (well earned!) pause ;)

My Name is Birger and I'm a student in IT security starting my 4th term
in a few weeks. I'm a Debian user for more than 15 years and i'd be
happy to start contributing to Debian with this years GSOC (although i
guess i guess i'd also start contributing without the summer of code ;))
I'm very interested in the project about implementing a successor of the
debian single sign on service (although improving distro-tracker also
sounds like fun ;)). I've already worked with (open)ldap and done some
different things with webdevelopmenent (small scripts and also looked
into webframeworks).
I've already some ideas and i'll start writing them down in the next few
days in form of a proposal. Should i create a wiki page on wiki.d.o for
the proposal, like in the past years, or should it be something more formal?

(bisco in #debian-outreach)

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