Hello Mentors!

My name is 'Rakesh Senwar' currently a student in the fourth semester @
IIIT Guwahati, India. I am very much inclined towards Programming, Python
and C++ are my favourite languages for Coding.

It's very exciting to see Debian in the Organisations list for GSOC 2018,
for which I have been waiting from past couple of days. I am quite excited
in contribution to the open source community and have a great respect for
the community for building Projects.

I have already selected the Project- "Extracting data from PDF invoices and
bills for financial accounting", This project has interested me a lot and I
have been working on it for couple of days and made a small PR.I have
already mailed my ideas and views regarding this project to the mentor.
This would be the best project for me to work upon.

Thank You.

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