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This patch incorporates the feedback given on the proposal I sent
yesterday, both in this bug and in person from Russ and Holger (thank
you to all).

I am seeking formal seconds for this patch, from any DD.

In particular:

- for now, we only require reproducibility when the set of environment
  variable values set is exactly the same

  This is because

  - the reproducible builds team aren't yet totally clear on the
    variables that they think may be allowed to vary

  - we should wait until .buildinfo is properly documented in policy,
    and then we can refer to that file

- we don't require reproducibility when build paths vary

  This is because

  - since there is not a consensus on whether we should require this,
    and there is strong consensus on the requirement of reproducibility
    if the path does /not/ vary, this issue should not block this change.
    We should open a separate bug against debian-policy

diff --git a/policy/ch-source.rst b/policy/ch-source.rst
index 127b125..cc4b020 100644
--- a/policy/ch-source.rst
+++ b/policy/ch-source.rst
@@ -661,6 +661,22 @@ particularly complex or unintuitive source layout or build 
system (for
 example, a package that builds the same source multiple times to
 generate different binary packages).
+Packages should build reproducibly, which for the purposes of this
+document [#]_ means that given
+- a version of a source package unpacked at a given path;
+- a set of versions of installed build dependencies;
+- a set of environment variable values; and
+- a build architecture,
+repeatedly building the source package on any machine of the same
+architecture with those versions of the build dependencies installed
+and exactly those environment variable values set will produce
+bit-for-bit identical binary packages.
 .. [#]
    See the file ``upgrading-checklist`` for information about policy
    which has changed between different versions of this document.
@@ -790,3 +806,7 @@ generate different binary packages).
    often creates either static linking or shared library conflicts, and,
    most importantly, increases the difficulty of handling security
    vulnerabilities in the duplicated code.
+.. [#]
+   This is Debian's precisification of the `
+   definition <>`_.

Sean Whitton

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