Hi Adrian,

John Paul Adrian Glaubitz <glaub...@physik.fu-berlin.de> writes:
> Hi Michael!
> I was just pointed at your pull request to remove POWER4 support from the
> kernel and I'm stumped. POWER4 is something that people are still actively
> using.
> I'm not aware of any breakage you are mentioning, we have multiple machines
> running 4.15 kernels on older PPC64 machines without any issues.


What machines are they? Maybe they are Power4+ ?

I asked 1 year ago if anyone was using Power4, and got no responses:


I realise you probably don't follow the mailing list, perhaps I should
have Cc'ed debian-powerpc or some other lists.

Anyway if you are actually using mainline on a Power4 then we can re-add
support for it, if you are willing to test it, because I have no Power4
machines to test on.

> Please keep in mind that IBM isn't the sole manufacturer of POWER machines
> but there are also people running PPC64 Linux on embedded PPC64 machines
> with Freescale CPUs for example.

Yes I'm aware of that, I have several Freescale machines which are part
of my continuous-integration setup.


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