On Sunday, April 8, 2018, 9:03:23 PM, you Michel Ellerman wrote:
> I asked 1 year ago if anyone was using Power4, and got no responses:
> https://lists.ozlabs.org/pipermail/linuxppc-dev/2017-April/156213.html

> I realise you probably don't follow the mailing list, perhaps I should
> have Cc'ed debian-powerpc or some other lists.

> Anyway if you are actually using mainline on a Power4 then we can re-add
> support for it, if you are willing to test it, because I have no Power4
> machines to test on.


I  joined  the linuxppc-dev list shortly after those posts, so was not
aware of the query or discussion.

I  have a IBM 7028-6C4 4-way box (POWER4+) that I use fairly regularly
to  do  open  source  software  under  AIX. It has current firmware. I
another 9113-550 (POWER5) 4-way box - had to run 220V power for that.

I've  not tried to install Debian lately.  I saw a post from Sept 2015
titled  "Re: Jessie 8.2 installer boot on POWER4+ failed" which raised
an issue on a 2028-6E4 2-way.

It was unclear from the brief patch description if POWER4+ would still
be  supported.  If  so,  I can certainly slip in a free HDD and try an
install.  I'm  new  to Debian, so might need some assistance from this


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