Source: gutenprint
Version: 5.3.0~pre1-2
Severity: wishlist
Tags: patch


Debhelper is considering deprecating the --ignore option.
It is used once in gutenprint.

Commit 5b3f43f1 stops installing the usb directory on non Linux architectures.
Among other changes, it moves "usr/share/cups/usb" from
debian/printer-driver-gutenprint.install to the freshly created
The intent was probably that both files are used when
DEB_HOST_ARCH_OS=linux, else only the first one.

This does not work because debhelper only considers the most specific file.
Commit 49ffeb1f fixes this in debian/rules by adding:
  ifeq ($(DEB_BUILD_ARCH_OS),linux)
        # Install common files
        dh_install -pprinter-driver-gutenprint 
right before
        dh_install -a

The effect is that
* on linux, the first dh_install run installs normal files,
  and the second run installs the usb directory.
* on other architectures, dh_install is only run once and installs the
  normal files.

If all this is correct, the attached patch should have the same effect
in a more readable way, and without --ignore.

--- a/debian/printer-driver-gutenprint.install.linux
+++ /dev/null
@@ -1 +0,0 @@
--- a/debian/rules
+++ b/debian/rules
@@ -38,10 +38,9 @@ override_dh_clean:
 ifeq ($(DEB_BUILD_ARCH_OS),linux)
-	# Install common files
-	dh_install -pprinter-driver-gutenprint --ignore=debian/printer-driver-gutenprint.install.linux
+	dh_install -pprinter-driver-gutenprint usr/share/cups/usb
-	dh_install -a
+	dh_install -a --remaining-packages
 # Remove rpath
 	find debian/printer-driver-gutenprint/usr/lib -type f -perm /0111 -print0 | xargs -0 chrpath --delete
 # Install ppd-updater file

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